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I am a young multi-media journalist from London. I am all about spreading the word and changing people’s perceptions about disabilities. I want to share positive stories. I love being a journalist because it’s never boring – it’s non-stop and it keeps me on my toes!

I have worked alongside organisations such as Sound Connections, Goldsmiths University, Chocolate Films, Poached Creative, Southbank Centre and BBC Radio 4 to make short films and radio documentaries. I am also a trustee for creative arts organisation Heart n Soul. Continue reading “All about me!”

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Independence Day 2020

Hi all, it’s independence day today, now I know really – that’s only if you’re American but I really like it and in my own way I celebrate it every year.

Today’s the day I look back on the year and reflect on the whole year. And I think to myself – what can I do better this year, independently that I couldn’t do last year? 

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The true you

Hi all, welcome back to my channel, if you like this blog then please consider giving it a big thumbs up and then hit the subscribe button. And don’t forget to turn on the notification bell so you never miss another video.

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Positive Mindset


This blog post is about having a positive mindset, because let’s be honest we’ve all been there, and all had days – where we find it impossible to get anything, constructive done.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are in control of that situation…

Having a positive mindset can make you feel that you can achieve anything, in whatever area you want. You know what it’s so true…

Now we all know – there’s only a certain amount of time in a day…

So here are a few of my tips that I used when I needed to have a productive day:

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The New Normal

What does the world’s future have in store? I guess nobody knows, but I think we can safely say that this lockdown has made everyone re-evaluate what’s normal, what’s real life and how we go forward.

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Audible is a bestselling spoken audio company which sells everything from learning books o adventure, also available is podcasts and radio stations which is available to anyone who owns the audible app. Continue reading “Audible”

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness day is a day recognised around the world helping awareness with people who are on the Autism Spectrum.

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Mother’s Day


Mothers day is the day of the year we celebrate the mums around the world for everything they do all year round

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April Fools Day

April fools day or sometimes known as All Fools Day is a day  celebrated on April 1st by spreading practical jokes or hoaxes on your friends, this celebration is known in most Western countries and most European countries Continue reading “April Fools Day”

Televised fundraising events and

Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Red Nose Day

Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Red Nose are all charitable events that are all about raising money to help those in need

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