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All about me!


I am a young multi-media journalist from London. I am all about spreading the word and changing people’s perceptions about disabilities. I want to share positive stories. I love being a journalist because it’s never boring – it’s non-stop and it keeps me on my toes!

I have worked alongside organisations such as Sound Connections, Goldsmiths University, Chocolate Films, Poached Creative, Southbank Centre and BBC Radio 4 to make short films and radio documentaries. I am also a trustee for creative arts organisation Heart n Soul. Continue reading “All about me!”

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Audible is a bestselling spoken audio company which sells everything from learning books o adventure, also available is podcasts and radio stations which is available to anyone who owns the audible app. Continue reading “Audible”

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness day is a day recognised around the world helping awareness with people who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Continue reading “Autism Awareness”

Mother’s Day


Mothers day is the day of the year we celebrate the mums around the world for everything they do all year round

Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

April Fools Day

April fools day or sometimes known as All Fools Day is a day  celebrated on April 1st by spreading practical jokes or hoaxes on your friends, this celebration is known in most Western countries and most European countries Continue reading “April Fools Day”

Televised fundraising events and

Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Red Nose Day

Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Red Nose are all charitable events that are all about raising money to help those in need

Continue reading “Televised fundraising events and”

International women’s day

International Women’s Day originated in the year 1909 on February 28th Continue reading “International women’s day”

World Book Day

World Book Day a day to signify and excite young children helping them become their favourite book characters. Continue reading “World Book Day”

Pros and cons of disability

Lilly’s Disability Cons

Don’t get me wrong in life you never ask to be born with a disability.

In my opinion the cons of disability are you have to find different ways to do everyday tasks, others would take for granted.

Take walking as an example I can do it however I walk with K-Walker or Cruts and that’s only indoors I use a wheelchair when out and about. Continue reading “Pros and cons of disability”


Christmas a annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ from a religious stand point.

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December and is a day full of celebrations, decorating for the holiday, buying presents for your loved ones and celebrating the day with the people you love. Continue reading “Christmas”

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